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We’re at the airport 3 1/2 hours early. I don’t think I’ve ever been early at all! Before we arrived, Ray had a great idea to get checked in and then walk with our full packs for practice. Then he sat down and checked his emails. Best laid plans?

Ray’s “to-do” list never ends, but mine does. I’ve spent every minute I could reading, researching and organizing this trip. So here I am with nothing to do but freak out!

  1. My knees are already hurting. Is it because my pack is too heavy or the airport is so cold? I haven’t been in air-conditioning for 5 months.
  2. They just had to rescue 4 Pilgram’s for hypothermia. Am I going to freeze to death? I haven’t been below 60 degrees F for over a year.
  3. My stomach hurts. I’m just really afraid that I walk 500 miles. I’ve been so excited, but reality is setting in.
  4. Now I’m looking at Ray. Will he really walk with me or will he hold us up checking his emails every 10 minutes? I can see him now telling me to go ahead and he’ll catch up.

I do not like waiting…ever. They’re now calling our flight for boarding. Maybe posting to the blog is exactly what I need, but I may drive everyone else crazy in the process, ha! I’m picking up my pack and posting, but a new photo of Ray first.

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3 thoughts on “Waiting and Freaking Out – May 2, 2017

  1. Right there with you Ray and Wendy. You will be amazed at how fast this trip goes and you will love every minute!

  2. I think freaking out is totally normal. You won’t have wifi while walking, right? That may help you with Ray and give him a needed break. You are the most goal-oriented, determined person I know! Trust God with every step and you’ll do just fine, no matter what.

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